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I am a certified masseur specialized in Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology Massage and Chiromassage which I studied at the ITM School in Chiang Mai and at the Escuela de Sanidad y Salud in Madrid.

In these challenging times it is important to look after our body & mind to keep healthy, both physically & mentally.

So why don't you treat yourself to relax and switch-off or to finally take care of that injury that has been nagging you for so long?

I offer you a wide range of massages & treatments from a relaxing Swedish Massage to a Chiromassage to stimulate the body’s self-healing ability.

As a masseur I come into contact with people from all walks of life. This gives me the skills to build and maintain a good relationship with all of my clients. 


Looking forward to seeing you,




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lindon giovani bakke
11-03-21 19:03:11
Richard He is one of the masseuses I have ever had! I definitely miss her massages in Amsterdam. see you soon Richard 🌹🌹🌹
Germán Germán Martinez
09-03-21 10:04:31
Richard is a very good masseur. He knows how to give a proper massage but also he takes care of letting you know what he is exactly doing, how that is going to improve your health. He taught me how to correct my posture and what kind of things I should pay more attention to in order to take care of my body. Highly recommended!
Pierce Broderick
08-03-21 20:14:42
Having needed massages for many years, very few have impressed as Richard does.

His ability to heal is without doubt a vocation that I have had the pleasure to have received on several occasions.

I would highly recommend to those looking for a bespoke and superior service.
Kees Heijkoop
08-03-21 14:35:30
Richard is een zeer professionele masseur. Een vakman, ook voor sportmassage.
Eric Kollen
07-03-21 19:59:56
For four years now, Richard has been loosening me up when I am stuck or stressed. Strong, skilful, sensitive and with an endless variety. And he is also a very sweet and wise man.
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